Highlights of our Classroom Program: Online & Offline

Our unique method of pedagogy has been developed through trial and error over a decade and has stood the test of time.

It is founded on 4 pillars – “Clarity, Brevity, Precision & Practice”

Clarity : Laying a strong foundation of conceptual depth in all syllabus areas. Step by step advancement from Basic to Advanced Levels designed to cater to aspirants from all backgrounds.
Brevity : Inculcating the ability to write & explain complex interrelated concepts in a simple lucid
manner. This is an essential skill for both the mains and personality test.
Precision : Optimising learning outcomes through curated, updated content thereby saving precious time.
Practice : We ensure that our students get ample writing practice from Day 1 of their preparation.

Given below are some features of our ‘Practice Program’:

  • Daily classroom tasks & home assignments;
  • Weekend test on completed topics
  • Dedicated troubleshooting segment in every class to discuss difficulties faced in writing.
  • Providing Solutions and Model answers.
  • Foundation course (Regular Batch 2024).
  • Special programs for answer writing practice improving presentation skills, time management.
    • Mains Test Series
    • Anthropology through PYQ’s