Anthropology (Optional) Test Series Programme (ONLINE / OFFLINE) for UPSC CSE – 2023-24

Enrichment of writing Skill for Anthropology (Optional) Under the guidance of



ANSWER WRITING IN ANTHROPOLOGY (Opt.) – ‘Is both art and science’

It is an ‘art’ because it requires the aspirant / candidate to possess ‘a basket of skills’ (I call these the “REQUISITE SKILLSET”) which he/she should use to meet the demand of the question, understand its central focus, its content etc. to, write ‘suitable’ and ‘relevant’ answers. Questions of a higher pedigree are often ‘Opinion seeking or ‘analytical’ in nature and entail mastery over the ‘art’ of expression.

The Science behind answer writing is based on the proven fact that it is possible to maximise the marks awarded for an answer by working simultaneously on several factors (I call these “EMINENT FACTORS”). Each of these factors are vital for developing competence in answer writing.

Over 15 years of training aspirants in the Anthropology optional, in Delhi, Chennai, and Hyderabad has led me onto the path of identifying these ‘eminent factors’ and Quantifying them.

In my experience, each aspirant has some inherent limitations with respect to one or more of these ‘eminent factors’. These act as impediments to the acquisition of  the ‘requisite skillset’ for writing good quality answers.

When the aspirant is able to identify his/her limitations and is given a method to overcome it with minor adjustments, scoring 60% and above becomes a distinct possibility.

The answer writing programs @ VVR-IAS are designed to expose the limitations of an aspirant/candidate and equip him/her self with the requisite skillset to write competent answers. In each of these program, enrolled students will be familiarised with the ‘eminent factors’ and encouraged to do a SWOT analysis. This will help him/her to assess the state of their preparedness and take timely corrective action.

The answer writing programs are based on the pillars of (i) Simulated testing (ii) Periodic Assessment (iii) Feedback (iv) Corrective adjustments.


It is a 12 paper full length test series designed for aspirants/candidates who have completed their classroom programs and/or gearing up to appear for the Civil Services Main exam. The focus of the AMTS is to enable the aspirant / candidate to crystalise their knowledge base to suit the requirement of writing structured answers. Guidelines and answering strategies will be imparted to self assess, improve and enrich answer writing capability. Writing full length tests in simulated conditions will help develop physical and mental stamina and provide adequate writing and time management practice.

This program focuses on building the “Requisite skillset:” in each enrolled candidate ‘brick by brick’ within a short span of time and thereby develop the capability to score 300+ in Anthropology. I sincerely hope that the program bears you the fruit of success.

Wishing you luck.


(Faculty for Anthropology VVR-IAS)