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Comprehensive coverage Learn when your attention is at peak Revise the lectures again & again Cover entire course in a short time.

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Current Trend of the UPSC-CSE  Preliminary Exam

Colossal dynamism – The Preliminary exam has evolved from a merely memory-based exam to an application-based exam, demanding extensive coverage of current events and their interlinkage with the breadth of static knowledge an aspirant is expected to have.

Moreover, in recent years UPSC-CSE Preliminary Exam in particular, has become increasingly unpredictable – every year there’s an enormous variation in the proportions of static vs. dynamic questions.

However, mere extensive reading from various sources, one soon finds out, is not the solution. For there is no limit to the information available, and none can restrict the scope of UPSC-CSE Preliminary Exam.

This shows the relative toughness of the Preliminary stage (success ratio of 3:100) vis-à-vis Mains (1:5) and the Interview (1:3).

How do we @ VVR-IAS Help You?

We at VVR are a team of young, dynamic teachers who have been through the entire cycle of UPSC (IAS), not just once or twice, but at least 3-4 times, right from Prelims to the Interview, missing by just a few marks. Thus we are well versed with every nuance of UPSC-CSE, what it expects from its future IAS/IPS Officers.

Not just that, we also understand the problems faced by serious aspirants, where they miss out every time despite having great potential, sometimes even greater than those who have managed to clear UPSC-CSE and get out of the vicious cycle.

HIGHLIGHTS of the Programme

  • Study anytime, anywhere.
  • Part wise modules for focused study.
  • Revision notes in Bullet, Infographics format for quick revision
  • 24×7 Doubt Clearance.
  • Focus on Conceptual clarity of topics.
  • Build a strong foundation for CSE Mains.
  • 200+ Online Recorded video Lectures.
  • Affordable pricing starting from `49/- only.
  • Previous Year Questions + Practice Mock MCQs.
  • Dynamic teaching style.
  • Takes lesser time to cover entire syllabus.
  • Innovative Learning Methodology.


Though utter care has been taken to not leave even an inch in comprehensive coverage of the entire UPSC General Studies syllabus, yet if any aspirant feels the need for inclusion of additional course, we shall be happy to cater to your needs, subject to popular demand.

We realize that even the slightest carelessness on our part can cost you your goal, thus we take this business SERIOUSLY. And we shall stand with you, guiding you, throughout your tryst with UPSC.