General Studies-iv

Ethics Case Study Module Course for UPSC

Live Online/Offline Classes by :  Babu Sir ( AIR-337 )

General Studies-IV

  • Admissions Open
  • Classes start on: 20 July, 2024
  • Weekend Class Timing: 02:00 PM to 04:00 PM Saturday & Sunday
  • Faculty: Babu Sir ( AIR-337 )
  • Fees: Rs 5000/- for Offline / Online Batch
  • Mode: Offline/Online.
  • Duration: Around “50 to 60” Hours. 2 – Classes per week.
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Features of Our Ethics Case Studies Module Course by Babu Sir

  • One introductory Class on how to approach the case studies.
  • Two classes on awareness to various constitutional & legal dimensions that help in solving the case studies.
  • 4-5 Case Study Sessions on PYQ’s:
  • 4-5 case study session on contemporary issues relevant for the exam.
  • Crisp handouts on Value Additions – keywords, Values, legal & constitutional provisions etc. that can be used to substantiate the decision while solving the case studies.
  • Personal mentorship with BABU Sir (AIR-337) – specific to Ethics paper & general guidance for UPSC preparation.
  • 1 Full-Length Ethics Test: With evaluation.

General Studies-IV

General Studies Paper – IV

General Studies Paper – IV

This paper has been introduced by UPSC to test the suitability of the candidate for civil service from their ethical & moral perspective. The paper is also designed to test the integrity of an individual along with his aptitude for the civil service. These qualities go a long way in enabling someone in becoming a good public servant.

It is this reason the Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude paper has been given a significant weightage in the examination pattern. The marks scored in this paper can substantially impact a candidate’s overall score. While other papers typically have a scoring range of 70 -110 marks, the Ethics Paper can yield scores ranging from 120 to 150 marks or even more provided the students understand the requirements of the paper.

The theorical part expects the students to understand human values, awareness towards various values to be possessed by a civil servant like honesty, integrity etc. The candidates are also expected to understand various thinkers and their ideas both at the national & international level. Questions can also be asked to test the emotional intelligence of the candidates.

The paper expects the students to display highest standards of ethical & moral behaviour along with an element of awareness to various constitutional & legal limitations while deciding the course of actions presented in front of them in the form of a dilemma while dealing with the case studies.

The paper consists of two parts i.e., the theoretical part where subjective questions are to be answered and the case study part where the case studies will be presented in the form of dilemma eliciting the response from the students enabling the examiner to evaluate the candidates from the point of the parameters mentioned above. Both these parts will roughly cover 125 marks each.

While most of the candidates are paying a lot of attention to the theoretical part enough attention is not given to the case studies which is perhaps not an ideal strategy. In most of the conventional coaching set up this area is also largely ignored unfortunately.

Our module will focus on the case studies part in the Ethics Paper.