UPSC/IAS Main Philosophy Optional

Important Topics for CS (MAINS)-2016

Paper-I : Western Philosophy
Plato Idea of the Good.
Aristotle Matter and Form
Descartes Dualism
Spinoza Substance
Leibnitz Pre established harmony
Locke Epistemology
Hume Causation
Kant Theory of knowledge and Space & Time
Russell Logical Atomism and Logical Constructions
Wittgenstein Later
Logical Positivism Elimination of metaphysics
Sartre Freedom and Bad Faith

Indian Philosophy

  • Buddhism
  • Nyaya
  • Vaisesika
  • Vedanta
  • Carvcaka
Paper-II: Socio-Political Philosophy
  • Equality, Freedom and Justice
  • Forms of Government
  • Political Ideologies
  • Humanism and Multiculturalism Crime and Punishment
  • Gender Issues
Philosophy of Religion
  • Teleological and Ontological arguments for existence of God
  • Immortality and Rebirth
  • Problem of Evil and instrumental solution
  • Religious Experience, Knowledge and language
  • Religious Pluralism and Concerning Problems