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Q1. Assertion: Indian Constitution is very bulky and elephantine in size.

Reason: Constituent Assembly is Lawyer’s Paradise.


Q2. Match the following:

Case Related to
a) Fundamental            i) IX schedule Rights Case
b) Indira Gandhi           ii) Mandal Case Commission
c) Minerva Mills            iii) separation of Case powers
d) I.R. Coelho                 iv) Free and Fair Case Elections
e) Indira                          v) FR & DPSP Sawhney Case balance


Q3. Assertion: The district authorities like the collector, the sub-divisional officer, the tehsildar exercise both magistrate and executive powers.

Reason:The Criminal Procedure Code (1973) separated the judiciary from the executive in the public services of the state.


Q4.The term ‘Co-operatives’ can be found in which of the following part/parts of the Constitution?


Q5.Consider the following:

1. Universal Adult Franchise
2. Free and Fair Elections
3. Right to form association

Which of the above are the necessary features of a modern representative democracy?