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Q1.Who can come under service voter as per Representation Of People’s Act, 1950?

1. CISF personnel
2. Central government doctors working outside state.
3. Member of Armed Police Force of a State, serving outside that state.
4. Employed under GOI but outside India.


Q2.The Supreme Court, in its recent judgement has upheld that the fundamental right to life and dignity includes right to refuse treatment and die with dignity. In this context, consider the following statements:

1. Passive Euthanasia is already allowed in India.
2. The recent judgement has made active euthanasia also lawful.
3. A living will is a will written for sharing of property while the person is still living

Which of the above statements is/are correct?


Q3.Clean-Air India ring is


Q4.Consider the following statements regarding the salient features of the Indian Constitution

1. Though the Indian Constitution is federal and envisages a dual polity, it provides for only a single citizenship for all citizens, including for the state of Jammu & Kashmir.
2. The Constitution has adopted universal adult franchise subject to the citizen’s literacy status (according to Census 1991 definition).

3. Popular sovereignty and adult franchise are the basic features of the Constitution.

Which of the statements given above is/are WRONG?


Q5.With reference to Article 20 of the Indian Constitution, consider the following statements

1. The protection against self-incrimination (Article 20(3)) extends to both oral and documentary evidence.
2. No person accused of an offence can be compelled to give his signature or thumb impression for identification.
3. Narco-analysis, brain mapping and lie detector tests violates Article 20(3).

Which of the statements given above is/are correct?