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UPSC-IAS-2021 Philosophy optional Mains Paper-I

UPSC-IAS-2021 Philosophy optional Mains Paper-II

Philosophy Optional By 

Dr. Ambuj Srivastava

This is a universal fact that the job profile of civil services in India is most prestigious, dignified and skilled. That’s why the common dream of all rational youths is to crack civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission.

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PHILOSOPHY (optional)

by Dr. Ambuj Srivastava

“Subject doesn’t matter guide matters”



In VVR-IAS we equip our students with all defences required for facing the challenge of Civil Services Examination. We believe in innovative and dedicated learning methodology.


Philosophy (Optional) Classroom Programme (100% Coverage of Syllabus)

Philosophy is a highly preferred optional subject in the civil services exam.
It can be opted by candidates from virtually any academic background. VVR-IAS provides Optional Foundational Course as well as Test Series meticulously designed as per UPSC current pattern.

Test Series Programme

Discussion, Model Answers & Doubt Clearance Session will be provided for after each Test.

Programme Importance

  • Evaluate yourself before UPSC evaluates you.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Improve your concept and context.
  • Manage your time in the best way.
  • Above all excel your performance.

Philosophy Optional Target 300+ Programme

Programme Importance

  • writing answers and getting your answers checked regularly is really important for getting a respectable score.
  • It improves your writing skills, presentation and time management.
  • Remember that you get marks on the basis of what you write and not one the basis of your knowledge.
  • Enough related knowledge, but failure in way of presenting, it can not let you score really well.
  • Sooner you start, more answers you write, increased are the chances of scoring high.


The pioneering educationist and sharp brains of team VVR are committed towards superior quality and result oriented strategies to make a way up towards the foremost jobs of the nation. The driving force behind this educational institution lies in the basic concept of true and honest hard work to bring a real revolution in the trends of coaching domains.

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Testimonials & SUCCESS STORIES

Hello everyone, I am Garima Agrawal, I have secured rank 241 in CSE 2017. This was my first sincere attempt in UPSC, I did my preparation in Delhi for a year and this is the rank I have got. My optional was Philosophy. I would like to Thank VVR-IAS for the Test Series they provided and the remarks they used to give on their essays, which proved to be very beneficial for my preparations. Best of luck all of you!


I have enrolled for Essay test series in VVR-IAS. I have given 16 (8*2) essays in test series. While I started preparing I jotted on 3 topics- Essay, Ethics and optional. Then, I picked VVR-IAS for essay. I understood that diversity in essay is required, be it philosophical, economic, psychological dimension. I got model answers for all 64 essays, which could be used in Essay and Mains both. All the very best to VVR-IAS and thanks for the contribution.


To begin with I would like to take this opportunity to thank VVR-IAS for their contribution in my result. I was the student of essay Test-series in this Institute. The comments and contribution really meant a lot. Another aspect about VVR is that they are really approachable; one can have one on one discussion with faculty and discuss the essays with them. Scanned copies of toppers were also shared. So, thanking VVR-IAS for the contribution in my result. I got 144 marks in essay, which greatly helped in achieving this rank. Best of luck!


For all test series I have joined VVR test series, mainly for essay and GS also. Test series are really good. For essay, the best part is ‘Evaluation’; Very realistic marks are given, near to UPSC marking pattern. After every test, model answers and copies of the toppers are shared. Finally thank you very much.


I am IIT-BHU graduate and this was my second serious attempt. I scored 140 marks in essay this year and 155 marks last year. I took essay test series from VVR-IAS under the guidance of Mohan R. Sir, which helped me to amplify my marks. Thank you very much.

HIMANSHU, (RANK 773, IAS 2017)