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    you will be under our guidance till you qualify the UPSC


    gs paper -II

    Our outstanding team of experts help you to have a consolidated approach in Constitution, Governance, Polity, Social justice and International Relations in an interesting way.



    Our team will make you feel comfortable and easy for grasping Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude. Under the guidance of

    Babu sir (AIR-337)



    A multidisciplinary approach is adhered to by our renowned team of experts for covering different dimensions of Essays asked by the UPSC.



    Our expert saroj Samal sir ( Gold-Medalist) having 2 decades of experience and exposure, teaches in a truly story telling manner by citing multitude of case-studies.


    Director’s Message

    With the ever-expanding opportunies in the realm of science and technology, mathemacs has taken on an indispensable role. Nowadays, mathemacs is intertwined in myriad facets of human creavity. The surging prominence of this discipline and its praccal applicaon has revoluonized the landscape in numerous ways. Nevertheless, amidst these encouraging developments, a significant obstacle persists: the dearth of guidance. Aspirants bear the brunt of these deficiencies.
    “Our aim is to mentor and empower aspirants, not just provide educaon.”

    K. Venkanna
    Director, VVR-IAS

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    Why VVR-IAS

    • Expert Faculty: Learn from experienced mentors who have guided numerous students to success
    • Comprehensive Curriculum: In-depth coverage of General Studies, including Indian History, Geography, Polity, Economy, Science, and more
    • Personalized Attention: Small batch sizes ensure focused guidance and support
    • Interactive Classes: Engaging sessions that foster critical thinking and discussion
    • Regular Updates: Stay current with the latest developments and trends in GS
    • Proven Track Record: Consistent results and testimonials from successful students
    • Holistic Approach: Develop your knowledge, skills, and personality to excel in the UPSC exams

    Education WITH VVR-IAS

    offline & online classes features

    Join our offline / online classes and discover a more engaging, interactive, and effective way to learn. We offer:
    – Face-to-Face Interaction: Learn from experienced faculty and interact with fellow students in a dynamic classroom environment.
    – Access from Anywhere: Join classes from the comfort of your home, or on-the-go, using any device with an internet connection.

    our study material

    We at VVR-IAS have carefully crafted our study resources to provide you with a comprehensive learning experience. Our study material includes:


    Evaluate your knowledge and skills with our comprehensive test series, designed to simulate the actual exam experience. Our test series includes: Mock Tests: Regular mock tests with detailed answers and explanations to help you assess your knowledge and identify areas for improvement.

    VVR-IAS “Successful Students 300+”

    At VVRIAS, we take pride in our students’ achievements. Our dedicated faculty, comprehensive curriculum, and supportive environment have helped numerous students crack the prestigious UPSC exams. Here are some of our success stories:

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. It is the game changer
    2. Scoring 60%+ in optional is easy but impossible in GS.
    3. All toppers score very high marks in optional than GS.


    1. It is the study of society
    2. You have been born and brought up in society
    3. You have experiential knowledge about society even if you have not done any degree in sociology.
    4. Common sense knowledge helps a lot for understanding topics of sociology.
    5. Topics of sociology are family, marriage, divorce, prostitution, crime, kinship, education, politics, religion , industrialization , urbanization, globalization, migration etc, regarding which you have certain basic ideas. So these topics are not new to you.


    1. Syllabus is small.
    2. Topics are interesting.
    3. Helps in developing analytical ability.
    4. Shows you multiple dimensions for a single topic just like a diamond has multiple faces.
    5. Helps you in developing debating ability.
    6. Helps you in English Essay paper.
    7. Helps you in all the 4 papers of GS.
    8. Helps you in Viva-voce.


    1. Teaches in an interesting and story telling manner.
    2. Covers the whole syllabus in class room.\
    3. Discusses lots of sociological case studies.
    4. Provides the model answers of PYQs with diagrammatic presentation.
    5. Discusses the answers of PYQs related to all topics in the class room itself.
    6. Administer writing tests in the class room after completing a topic.
    7. Provides printed material covering each and every topic.
    8. Provides the latest hand written class notes.
    9. Makes the class room very lively and enjoyable.
    10. A teacher having more than 20 years of teaching experience and helping more than 200 IAS and IPS
    11. officers across our nation.