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Public Service is not merely a way of life, but a vibrant and proud enterprise, a path to live life to the fullest. The Civil Services offers a unique opportunity to turn your dreams of serving the nation into reality. This role demands administrative qualities like 'artful articulation' and thinking outside the box. As the horizons of governance expand and new challenges emerge, Civil Servants shoulder increased responsibilities.

After-Test Evaluation:

Boost your scores by delving deep into your performance and taking corrective action.

  • Comprehensive and In-depth Course Modules
  • Customized Study Materials

In Perfect Sync with UPSC Curriculum:

Align your preparation closely with the UPSC syllabus to meet the exam's demands effectively.

The Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT), officially referred to as GS Paper-II, serves as a filtering assessment (with a minimum passing threshold set at 33%) within the UPSC Civil Services Examination, aiming to put the candidates’ analytical and reasoning capabilities to the test.

Select Your Exam Mode:

Opt for your preferred examination mode - available both online and offline.

  • Proven Answer Writing Techniques
  • Simulation of Real Exam Scenarios
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Comprehensive Solutions and Clarifications:

Receive detailed explanations and solutions in the form of handouts at the conclusion of each test.

In recent times, the CSAT exam’s complexity has notably risen, necessitating a heightened focus on its preparation. Backed by extensive research and a thorough analysis of the civil services examination, IMS has formulated the CSAT Program to align with the ever-evolving nature of the test and meet the UPSC expectations.