An Illuminative Message to Aspirants

“Between the Idea, And the reality,

Between the Motion, And the Act

Falls the shadow

Between the conception, And the creation,

Between the emotion, And the response

Falls the shadow”.

Dear Aspirants,

            Success is not lying as near as you visualise, but it is not so far as well if you avoid that shadow. So, never fall prey to that illusion lying between you and your goal.

            Millions of youth consolidate dreams and desire to become civil servants, many lacs appear in this examination every year, but only a few hundred get through it. So, the matter to consider here is what different thing those few hundred do to crack this prestigious examination. The civil services exam is a multi-tier competition that run through a cycle of almost one year. So, there are three fundamental attitude that every deserving aspirant has to maintain during the entire journey of preparation.

            The first attitude is the Courage: the courage to leave behind all other opportunities and to enter into all cycle despite having a degree of uncertainty. Every year, around one million youth show this courage to prepare for this exam.

            The second one is the Commitment: that requires the sacrifice of social life and serious engagement with the process. Out of one million, only about 5% of the aspirants do really show the required level of commitment.

            The third and the absolute attitude is the Consistency in your preparation throughout the journey. This quality draws the line of demarcation between selected candidate and
non-selected but capable aspirants.

            The selection in the civil services examination lies over the justice you have done to process of preparation and the most pertinent way of doing justice is to enjoy the process without being over-desperate for success.

            One of the basic thing that every aspirant should keep in their mind is “Knowing what is irrelevant is equally important as know what is relevant for this exam”. Further capacity to unlearn is equally required as the capacity to learn. So, at this juncture, the guidance from an efficient mentor is quite helpful. A personalized guidance, while considering every aspirant as unique in nature and capacity is the most promising approach in this preparation. A guide can’t push you over the path of success, but he/she surely can channelize your potential and efforts into the right direction.

            So, with best wishes, I hope for all success with flying colours.

Mr. Kundan M.

    (Mentor, VVR-IAS Geography Optional)   

Significance of Optional Subject in Sections

  • Optional is considered a ‘make or break’ among all the mains-papers.
  • General studies have narrow range of marks distribution which optional papers fetch marks ranging from ‘foot to the peak’.
  • In comparison to General Studies, optional papers show higher degree of predictability in terms of areas and questions being asked.
  • Good command over the optional subject reflects a nice impression in personality test.
  • The syllabus of optional paper has a well-defined boundary as compared to General Study’s papers.
  • Optional subjects, being an area of interest, do not make aspirants feel burden
  • Certain optional subjects have enormous weightage in the syllabus of General Studies.     

Merits of Geography as an Optional

  • Geography is a subject of semi-scientific nature and thus, it is well adaptable for the students of both science and humanity backgrounds.
  • Geographical concepts, being highly visible in our environment, are very interesting and easy to understand.
  • Geography, being inter-disciplinary in nature, has a weightage of around 350 marks in General Studies previous-year papers.
  • Drawing maps and diagrams which is the fundamental approach in Geography optional paper, helps improve the presentation in General Studies papers also.
  • Every year, at least two topics in Essay paper, are directly picked up from Geographical aspects.
  • Last, but the most important, Geography is a mark fetching discipline where you can easily score 60%, If proper guidance is given.