UPSC IAS MAINS – 2018: Philosophy Optional Video Discussion by Dr. Ambuj Srivastava : WATCH PART – 1 | WATCH PART – 2

Mentor’s Message

Dr. Ambuj Srivastava
(Ph.D. Philosophy)

Dear Aspirants : This is a universal fact that the job profile of civil services in India is most prestigious, dignified and skilled. That’s why the common dream of all rational youths is to crack civil services examination conducted by Union Public Service Commission. Red More

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Philosophy(Optional) Test Series : 28th October,2018

Philosophy(Optional) Foundation Batch Begins: 14th November, 2018

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UPSC/IAS Main Philosophy(Optional) Coaching :

  • Focus on concept building and analysis of the topics(Philosophy).
  • Superlative preparation of all four sections of the subject.
  • Well crafted Pre and Post class study material for Philosophy(Optional).
  • Regular class tests to improve answer writing skills for IAS Philosophy(Optional) Best Preparation