Ethics :GS Paper - IV 

by Mohan R.

Ethical challenge to Translate Your Real Potential into Maximum Score

  • An Analysis of the trend of ethics paper reveals that there has been an increased focus on reflective understanding of the questions posed in the examination. It is not at all rote learning of concepts and a mechanical scanning of material. What is required is a critical reflective ability to link the principles of the various areas of the syllabus with the happenings around us. Thus assimilation of the concepts and the ability to link them with practical human concerns is of core significance for success in this paper.
  • Having realized this we have been focusing upon assimilation of the key concepts, building up of thoughts to the expected level and helping the students to tide over the challenges encountered during the journey.
  • This year again, almost all the questions which came in the exam are directly from our class room discussions and supplementary material provided to the students.
  • With the same commitment, we are once again announcing fresh batches to serve the student community for reaching their goal of scoring the maximum marks in the Ethics paper with the minimum effort.


  1. Lectures
  2. 5 Tests (3 Sectional and 2 Comprehensive Tests)
  3. Comprehensive Writing Practice and discussion on Case Studies
  4. Test discussion & feedback by the Mentor
    • Interactions focus on effective learning, developing aptitude and realizing potential for scoring high marks.
    • Comprehensive Case Study discussions on Psychological, Ethical and Administrative Issues (Classic Cases and cases on issues of Contemporary Relevance), learning the tools of effective Decision Making.
    • Total 5 Tests, Printed notes with Focussed Discussions.
    • Brainstorming sessions on previous question papers and probable questions in future.


  • Daily case study practice with evaluation (around 50 cases).
  • 3 Sectional & one Comprehensive Tests included in the module.
  • Emphasis upon integration with current affairs and practical facets of Administration.


We have consistently maintained a Student Centric Approach in teaching Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude formulating the desired psychological and ideological mould for success in the paper . We practice compassion and consistently endeavour to provide unique solutions for the unique needs of the aspirants.We believe in consistent guidance and support during the preparation stage. The incessant effort to innovate learning methodologies and evolve the best training practices have resulted in immense success .


There is a inextricable linkage between various aspects of General Studies papers in Paper2,3 and 4. A disconnected approach leads to duplication of effort also depriving the aspirants from the much needed inter connected approach between various papers of GS to ensure creativity in writing.