Important Topics in Polity for UPSC/IAS/PSC/ Prelims-2014 :

  1. Acts: 1773, 1813, 1833, 1909, 1919, 1935, 1947
  2. Preamble
  3. Fundamental Rights(FR), Directive Principles of state policy(DPSP) and Fundamental Duties(FD).
  4. Amendments of the Constitution, any Acts related to SC/ST, minority and environment related.
  5. Parliament
  6. President, Governer
  7. Prime Minister, Chief Minister, Council of Ministers
  8. Judiciary: Supreme Court, High Court, Lok Adalat
  9. 73rd, 74th Amendment Acts, PESA(Panchayat Extesion to Scheduled Areas Act,1996), FRA(Forest Rights Act,2006)
  10. Constitutional, Statutary, Non Constitutional/ Non Statutory bodies.

Any Polity related terms are in NEWS (last one year) Please go through that terms and their backgrounds
E.g. Article3(Telangana Issue), Removal of States human Right Commission, No Confidence motion etc.